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  • Growing the Nationwide Development Center
    In this podcast, Srini Koushik, SVP and CTO at Nationwide Insurance, describes the driving factors behind the Nationwide Development Center, an innovative project that eliminates the need to outsource for application development as well as improves the IT experience for Nationwide associates and customers.
  • Glenn Schneider, CIO, Discover Financial on the Role of Technology in the Business
    Glenn Schneider, CIO, Discover Financial, Business Technology and Customer Advocacy, provides a rare glimpse behind the familiar Discover credit card to reveal a close alignment between business and technology to better serve customers.
  • How CIOs Drive Innovation with Mykolas Rambus, Forbes
    Spend 10 minutes with Forbes' top IT executive and discover why IT Governance has moved way beyond a must-have compliance tool. Learn the details on how the transparency gained through comprehensive IT Governance gives IT a unique vantage point that reveals opportunities to eliminate operational weaknesses, cut costs, boost productivity, and enhance how your business serves its customers.
  • Performance Analytics in the Enterprise: Royce Bell, CEO, Information Management Strategies, Accenture Q&A
    Royce Bell, CEO, Accenture Information Management Services, discusses the role of performance analytics and how organizations are implementing successful information strategies to drive business in tough times.
  • Cathy Brune
    Catherine Brune, SVP & CIO, Allstate Insurance: Discusses IT Innovation within the Business.
  • Dick LeFave
    Dick LeFave, CIO, Sprint/Nextel Group: Talks About the Impact of IT on M & A Activity.
  • Patricia Morrison
    Patricia Morrison, VP & CIO, Motorola: Discusses Key Business Priorities in Developing an Enterprise Mobility Strategy
  • Jimmy Wales
    Glenn Willis, Publisher-in-Chief, ITO America, speaks with Jimmy Wales, founder, Wikipedia about Wikia, Search 2.0 and Web Innovation
  • Accelerating Secure Business Applications
    Download this podcast and listen to Bob Gilbert who discusses with Mark Day, Riverbed's Chief Scientist, the details involving SSL encryption, SSL's impact on WAN optimization, and new WAN acceleration techniques that result in dramatic performance gains of SSL-encrypted applications.


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